Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Limitation Against Facial Recognition Technology

Recently, it has been reported that web based companies should put a limitation to the functionality of identifying anonymous consumer images via the use of 'facial recognition software'. Companies collecting such data should acquire customer consent before using their images. Developers and users of such advanced inventions should develop certain security measures to rightly determine when one should / one should not dispose off the collected data. 

At a commercial level, this facial recognition technology is still developing. Hence, the future developers are fortunate enough to get an opportunity of making such systems more smart and secure technically. Facial recognition technology is a real innovation that has just begun and will truly prove beneficial in the times ahead only if the privacy issues are dealt  intelligently, safeguarding privacy interests of the consumers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Voting via Smart Phone <> Innovation to Come

Year 2012 is moving ahead with a lot of progressive technology around in both personal and professional lives. Smart phone, an interesting innovation has captured a lot of sectors. For most of the companies who have invested to sell their products & services via smart phone are earning a good brand value simply because everything is accessible on a mobile phone. Real good smart phone applications keep the users glued to the content of the app. Its an all new way of successful campaigning.

However, wireless voting still has a long way to get through a smart phone as keeping the votes secret is the priority. However, in the years to come there might be magnified firewalls and a system to backcheck a vote to avoid fraudulent voting. Mobile banking is successful and safe to carry out cash transfers through a smart phone, likewise electronic voting will be another useful innovation.

PS: If you have ideas of getting a smart phone friendly app or a website, ensure it looks good on a mobile in terms of appearance, size and functionality.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

E-commerce Now and Forever

Half of the world is online, either socializing, finding info, entertaining themselves or earning bucks. This proves that there is a large customer base for every product category on the internet. So why will the vendor group stay behind! There are infinite buyers and sellers on the web but only few brands sell worthy products online. Internet is a big virtual market where best deals are available for almost every stuff you desire.

For Designing an E-commerce Website:
  • Decide a brand name which is easily understandable, yet different from others
  • Look and feel of the website should be designed according to the common tastes of your target audiences. So that it appeals to them at the first look.
  • Keep the navigation of web pages simple. This means, if a visitor clicks on 'BUY', he should be redirected to the correct page instead of landing on any irrelevant page.
  • Keep the customer registration form with limited fields. Too many fields on the form might force the visitor to leave the website.
  • Write the website content using popular keywords. This will increase the website ranking on search engines and invite more traffic. 
  • Ensure the payment gateway integrated in the website is safe and credible.
  • Keep the contact information at noticeable spots
  • Keep updating the offers, so that the website looks new to the visitors every-time they visit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Search Engine Optimization - Why do SEO for Websites?

Pull Your Websites Above the Crowd!!!
Websites have become an important part of the business world. However, while creating a website most of the efforts are devoted in the web designing part as visual appeal is crucial. Undoubtedly, a website should be strikingly exclusive, but, the question is "How to Drive Maximum Visitors to a Website?" The obvious answer is SEO. Literally, it means Search Engine Optimization but otherwise casually you can also call it as Simply Extraordinary Organizer" as it organizes the online search and displays the most relevant websites that are being searched at the moment. 
                                           The better half of SEO is a Keyword. All those words that are entered in a search engine box are keywords. For instance, if you are searching for the best resort in India, you may select keywords like popular Indian resorts, holiday resorts in India, best Indian resorts etc. All web pages consisting of these keywords will show up on top. Hence, when you are creating a website always keep in mind what is your website about, what is it offering and accordingly frame the contents of the website so that it becomes the hot favourite in the search engine's top rankings. But, SEO is not so simple as it may sound because the keywords that you choose might have been used by thousands of other websites. In such cases, staying on the top results is difficult. This is when SEO comes into picture and pulls out your website from a larger crowd. 

SEO Works Only When Done Wisely
The above phrase is 100% true. Professional SEO services are organized and planned wisely. This means there are multiple steps involved in accomplishing a successful SEO Campaign. Let us know each one of them:

A.Use a Keyword Tool: As per the nature of your website jot down 10 - 20 keywords for each web page. Use any keyword tool, for that matter the Google Ad words tool is quite user friendly. Enter each keyword in the keyword tool block and check the figure for 'Global Monthly Searches' (GMS). By this you'll get an idea about an average crowd using the same keyword on a monthly basis. In simpler words, you'll know the popularity of the keywords by looking at the GMS figure.

B.Check Title Popularity: The next step is to check the number of pages with the keywords you have selected. For eg: Your chosen keyword is "best IT services". To know the number of web pages with the same title follow these instructions: 

In the search engine block type allintitle: "selected keyword" and Enter... If the page results are less and GMS is more then That's What you need.  It means searches are more and results are few, hence you can use this rare keyword and push your website up. If your website is new, it might take few weeks for the search engines to recognize your site.

C.Optimize Web Content: After having popular keywords in hand, now you can weave a keyword rich content. This means along with adding keywords in the title of your website you can also add keywords in the content. Although, ensure the keywords are not repetitive just for the sake of inserting in the content. Keywords should be placed wisely otherwise search engines might not consider it. Also, avoid using similar keywords in multiple pages as some of the search engine sites can sue for duplicate content.

D. Optimize Images: When you use images, icons, logos etc in a website, ensure the images are renamed as per the page contents. For instance, the web page is talking about 'Cricket' and the adjoining image is renamed 'Cricket Sport 2011'. Hence, if you search cricket 2011 or cricket sport this image might be visible in the image results. This is how you drive users to your website via image search.

These were few basic yet important SEO tips...Now, if you are thinking to create a website, ensure you do a SEO for it otherwise it might sink amidst other similar genre of websites. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heading Towards a Virtual Life --> ---> --->

How much will the web explode! There is nothing you can’t find on the web. Even the laziest people on earth are active on the web for various reasons. There is no limit to knowledge, information and entertainment. Facebook, You Tube, Google are big shots ruling the web world. What more can one invent over here? What will break the social networking craze? What will be the next addiction on web? Any answers to this?

 As years pass, surely there will be a breakthrough happening in and around WWW with smarter minds and advanced technology. Nobody had dreamt of social networking becoming the top activity. Likewise, there will be other larger than life concepts transforming our lives once again via the web route. Agree or not, gradually the real world in turning virtual. Education, shopping, banking etc has become virtual and has also made our lives simpler. We all are heading towards a virtual life that can be complicated initially but will definitely make the real life bigger and better. Safety and security is again a question that will continue to be a part of our lives whether you live in the real or virtual world.www.addikiin.com